Finding my “Better Self”

It is 2:57 am on October 2nd of 2016. I spent an entire afternoon/evening with one of my closest new friends here in college, and I have found a whole new perspective on life. We started by talking about our feelings on 2016’s presidential candidates here in America (yikes), and it flowed into religion, world creation, and lifestyles. It really got me thinking about how sad I have been about some events that occurred earlier this week. I realized that “there is more to life than watching other people live it.” For a week I allowed myself to sulk in my room and accomplish virtually nothing aside from school work (which I could barely convince myself to get out of bed and do). I would sleep (barely), eat (maybe once a day), do my work, and go to class. There was so much time I wasted in a week that I could have used to learn something new, read a new book, or make someone’s day a little better – but instead, I chose to lay in bed continuing to think about how “hard” my life is.

Talking to my friend today made me realize that everything on this earth is amazing, and unique, and how a tremendous amount of work is put into something as “simple” as a breeze blowing a leaf out of a tree. I have also admitted to myself that Catholicism is not a religion I want to follow, which I have known for quite a while, but could never bring myself to confess. So what do I consider myself? I don’t know. What I do know is that I feel everyone should be treated equally, racism shouldn’t exist, animals shouldn’t be tortured for our nutritional needs, money is a stupid way of giving something value, there shouldn’t be a hell if God is “all-forgiving,” building a wall will NOT make America great again, the death penalty should not exist, and everyone should learn to love each other despite any differences we may have. I know these views can seem very vague and cliché but this is how I feel… so sue me.

The last thing we did together was watch two episodes of “Cosmos – A Space Time Odyssey,” a show presented by an astrophysicist by the name of Neil deGrasse Tyson. The universe is so complex in even its most simple aspects and recognizing this sparked an intense passion for me to learn everything I possibly can for the rest of my life. I can finally say I understand what my high school’s valedictorian felt when he told us that he LOVES to learn. Why be ignorant and stay in this little bubble and only focus on my intended major (either biology or psychology for Pre-med)? If only I had the time and money to take courses in EVERYTHING. There’s so much to see, and learn, and love. I am seeing the world in a whole new light, and as I continue to learn, my view of the world will continue to change, which is why I decided to name this blog Dynamic Vista: the constant progress of the way I view things. I hope that in time my blog will attract the attention of people across the nation, but for now I will write my thoughts and encounters in anticipation that it will affect the hearts and minds of a few.